Welcome to OCI, a vibrant community that exists to AWAKEN, EQUIP, and SERVE! One of the essential aspects of our church life is the incredible variety of Life Groups we offer. These Life Groups are dedicated to fostering deep connections, personal growth, and impactful service within our church family and the wider community.

Our Life Groups hold a unique mission: to do life together, awakening people to the Kingdom of God, equipping them with His Word, and embracing a servant’s heart in everything we do, all as an offering unto the Lord. We firmly believe that by strengthening those we serve, we strengthen ourselves and our community.

Within our diverse range of Life Groups, you will find a multitude of options tailored to different interests, ages, and life stages. We invite you to explore the following examples of the transformative life groups available at OCI:

Bible Study and Discipleship Groups:

Dive deep into God’s Word as you engage in thought-provoking discussions, study relevant biblical topics, and grow in your understanding of the Scriptures. These groups provide a nurturing environment where you can ask questions, seek spiritual guidance, and strengthen your faith alongside fellow believers.

Worship and Creative Arts Groups:

Unleash your creativity and passion for worship as you join a group dedicated to musical expression, dancing, painting, or other forms of artistic worship. These groups provide an outlet for you to use your talents to glorify God and connect with others who share your love for creative worship.

Outreach and Service Groups:

Embrace the heart of service by joining a group dedicated to reaching out to the local community or supporting global missions. Engage in acts of compassion, participate in outreach initiatives, and make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

Men's and Women's Groups:

Experience the power of community as you join a Men’s or Women’s Group. These groups provide a space for open conversations, accountability, and support, allowing you to address specific challenges and grow in your identity as a man or woman of God.

Marriage and Family Groups:

Strengthen the foundation of your relationship or family through intentional fellowship with other couples and families. These groups offer valuable insights, practical wisdom, and a supportive network of like-minded individuals who understand the joys and struggles of building strong marital and family relationships.

In each Life Group, you will find a welcoming and safe space where meaningful relationships are built. These groups serve as a source of edification and encouragement, providing an environment conducive to personal growth and spiritual development.

We invite you to discover the perfect Life Group that resonates with your interests and journey of faith. Join us as we pursue a deeper understanding of God’s Kingdom, EQUIP ourselves with His Word, and extend a servant’s heart to our community. There’s a chair waiting for you, ready to embrace you as part of OCI family.

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Find Your Life Group

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